With a wealth of experience in the application of advanced composites engineering, we are confident that we could tackle any challenge.

Kamm Projects is mindful of the full business case and is empathetic towards our client’s funding process. All projects are considered with the full business case in mind. We hold a unique position as we have developed our own brand and a range of products. From proof of concept, design, development and production, we understand the journey, not just the technical constraints, but also the financial and global challenges that are inherent in any project.

Our Technologies

CNC Machining

We have capability for machining within our facility, made possible by our MAZAK (VTC760) 3-axis milling machine, with a machining envelope of 2.3×0.76×0.66m and rapid tool-changer with capacity for 48 tools, and our MAKA (MM7T) 5-Axis CNC Milling Machine, with a machining envelope of 3×1.5×0.7m. This can be used to machine foam cores for projects, as well as producing master patterns. We are constantly looking to expand our machine capabilities to be able to offer better methods of production to our customers.

Autoclaves and Ovens

At Kamm Projects, we have curing capability from autoclave and ovens. The capacity of the autoclave is 1.5m diameter x 4m depth, with the capacity of the ovens at up to 4x7x2m.

Product Design

Our design processes include; tooling design, jig and fixture design, manufacturing process design, laminate schedule design and material specification.

Our management team have a wealth of experience within the industry and possess a wide range of process and engineering knowledge. This has been adopted to assist in the realisation of high-profile projects over many years, backed by expertise in programs such as SolidCAM, SolidWorks and PowerInspect to support tooling activities.

With the ability to produce pre-cut laminate sets, we not only decrease waste, but speed up the manufacturing process, meaning we can provide a more cost-effective, higher quality product to our customers.

We are also very proud to announce that we are the UK demonstration facility for Eastman Machine Company.

Paint and Finishing

Post-process finishing is a key part of composite manufacturing to ensure products meet design specifications.

With facilities such as our post-process trimming booth and Dalby spray booth, we offer our customers the highest quality products, to the specification they desire.