Our processes are optimised to deliver the best products to our customers by always looking to expand our capabilities and the technologies that we can offer.

Composites are seen as a “dark art”. The team at Kamm Projects understands that this isn’t the case. Instead, it is a set of sequential processes utilising the correct materials to achieve a desired outcome. The process by which a client’s requirement are met is not common across the industry. Often companies try to package their narrow field of knowledge as the solution.

Our Process

Our working process is designed to support you throughout your product development. We are here to help from the inception of your idea, all the way through to your ideas becoming a reality.

Kamm has experience in a wide range of materials and the processing options that can be utilised to meet our client’s requirements.

  • Carbon fibre structural components
    • Pre-preg (Humdinga and REAP bikes)
    • Infusion (Humdinga tooling and body panels)
  • GRP panels
    • RTM (Modec cab)
    • Infusion (Aquada 3 hull)
    • Structural reaction injection moulding (Bentley interiors)

The challenge faced is to match the right process to the right application, whilst due consideration is made to the process and tooling options available. The balance is to align our customers’ production requirements, tooling, and development budgets, whilst hitting the cost aspirations for the component and/or product.

Client Consultation

We make sure that the requirements of our customers remain linked with the design and development of their project. At the beginning of any new project, it is paramount that these requirements are set forth so that the project can run as smoothly as possible. We aim to put you first and make sure that your vision is what we convert to being a reality; all with the benefit of improvements advised by our highly skilled team.

Design Process

During the design process, we ensure that all required data is collected to enable us to prioritise the fundamental basis that the entirety of the process will work from. Throughout your project, any and all decision making uses our value analysis/value engineering methodology, assuring our customers’ projects are completed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Quality assurance is at the heart of all that we do. All of the projects we undertake are carefully monitored throughout, to identify and remove any potential difficulties during the design stage, allowing the product to be manufactured without any barriers.

All products are maintained with process failure mode effects analysis, identifying and removing any potential difficulties with the product during the design stage where possible, allowing the final product to be manufactured without issue.

Concept Development

Utilising a selection of processes and tooling solutions, we develop a suitable strategy to prototype the product in order to provide proof of concept. The overall program constraints, such as timescale and business needs, enable us to align your requirements to the concept development phase.

During this stage of the process, Kamm Projects work with the client to ensure correct prioritisation of needs and to understand the key challenges. The decision-making process is always organised and systemised through value analysis and value engineering.

Production Process

Maintaining control charts and utilising our system of controls during the entirety of the development, all sources of variation are removed from the process. This results in the end product that the customer has defined.

For the fulfilment of these stages, Kamm Projects also maintains optional project management from start to finish, ensuring that the products produced are of the highest quality, with the best performance and the longest product lifespan.