What we do..

Our processes are optimised to deliver the best products to our customers by always looking to expand our capabilities and the technologies that we can offer.

Our Process

Our working process is designed to support you throughout your process. We are here to help from the inception of your idea all the way through to your ideas becoming a reality.

Client Consultation

We make sure that the requirements of our customers remain linked with the design and development of their project. At the beginning of any new project, it is paramount that these requirements are set forth so that the project can run as smoothly as possible. We aim to put you first and make sure that your vision is what we convert to being a reality. Of course with any improvements that our highly skilled team can provide.

Design Process

During the design process we ensure that all required data is collected to enable us to prioritise executing the fundamental basis that the entirety of the process will work from. Throughout your project, any and all decision making is pushed through our value analysis/value engineering methodology, assuring our customers’ projects are completed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

All of the projects we undertake are monitored throughout, to identify and remove any potential difficulties during the design stage, allowing the product to be manufactured without hiccough.

Concept Development

Utilising a selection of processes and tooling solutions we develop a suitable strategy to prototype the product in order to provide proof of concept. The overall program constraints (i.e. timescale and business) enable us to align your requirements to the concept development phase.

Production Processes

Maintaining control charts and utilising our system of statistical process control during the entirety of the development, all special sources of variation will be removed from the process, resulting in the end product that you, the customer, demanded.